Customer Stories

The O Family

We love the O family. Not that it’s rare to find great customers—at Watt we’ve been blessed with much, much more than our fair share—but there’s something special about the O’s. That’s why when they asked us to rethink and reinvent their home integration, we jumped at the chance.

The M Family

The M’s bought a house three years ago with the idea they’d just fix up a couple of things. They soon began to yearn for more, however, and made the decision to strip the house back to the studs and start from scratch.

The C Family

The C’s are wonderful customers—and personal friends of the Watt’s, as well. So when it came time to help with a teardown and rebuild in Paradise Valley, we were all-in.

The W Family

At Watt, we like to say there’s no job too small. We’ll come out and hang a TV if that’s what you need us to do. But we’re also fond of saying there’s no job too big, either. For a good example, you need only look as far as the W family.

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