Watt Integration is the Valley’s pre-eminent choice for music, home theater and sound, intelligent lighting and windows, home automation, security, networks and wiring, and more. In Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and the rest of the Metropolitan area, you’ll experience life at your fingertips with Watt.

Whether you want to set up an incredible home theater, modify your security system, or add lighting control, we can work within your budget and time constraints.

Need your new home pre-wired? We can help there, too.

For well over a decade, we’ve designed and managed high-end residential projects and retrofits from initial design to final installation—and we’d be proud to add you to our list of satisfied clients.

The Watt Difference

Working with Watt for your audio, video and automation needs is an unparalleled experience.

Rather than sell you a premade solution out of the box, we take the time to meet with you and customize a plan that best fits your home.

We’ll start by talking to you about how you currently live in your home—and help you see the possibilities of what your home can be.

Then we’ll walk you through all the details of the project, and create a timeline to fit your needs.

Then, once we create a design, we won’t simply go ahead with installation — we know you need to be aware of exactly what’s being brought into your home or business. That’s why, before we get started, we’ll thoroughly explain our plans for your system, the installation process we’ll use, and your operation instructions.

And after we install your system, the Watt Integration team will to continue to ensure your satisfaction with everything we install — and, best of all, make sure you know how to use it.

Our mission? Give you the perfect combination of control and simplicity to suit your lifestyle.

Get started with Watt

To make your audio, video and home automation dreams a reality, contact our professionals at
info@wattintegration.com or (480) 515-9288.