The O Family

We love the O family. Not that it’s rare to find great customers—at Watt we’ve been blessed with much, much more than our fair share—but there’s something special about the O’s.

That’s why when they asked us to rethink and reinvent their home integration, we jumped at the chance.

A 75-inch TV now graces the family room, but it’s not the only place the O’s get their entertainment. With sound and another TV in the backyard kitchen, as well as music by the pool, “the great outdoors” takes on a whole new meaning.


The O’s are entertainers, so we paid special attention to the living room, dining room, and games room—SONOS controls the music throughout, and high-fidelity speakers make sure the music sounds its best. Plus, with just a push of an “entertaining” button, lights in all three rooms dim to a preset level. It’s just perfect for parties.

Shades are automated as well—those in the exercise room track the sun and lower themselves at sunrise, then raise themselves about three hours later. A custom shade in a wood pocket blocks sunlight in the master bedroom for “hotel” levels of darkness.

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