The M Family

The M’s bought a house three years ago with the idea they’d just fix up a couple of things. They soon began to yearn for more, however, and made the decision to strip the house back to the studs and start from scratch.

With an excellent opportunity to think about the house from the ground up, we installed lighting control—but only where it was needed. After all, we didn’t want to leave the M’s with five switches on the wall.

The solution? Custom-tailored electricity to fit the M’s lifestyle. For example, the master bathroom now has two dedicated circuits for “his and hers” vanities.

On art walls, for another example, we took great care to ensure appropriate lighting—special attention was paid to lightbulbs, fixtures, and positioning to bring out the best in the M’s art collection.

The M’s originally wanted music in only one area, but realized it made sense for us to wire the whole house for sound. That way, if they change their mind in the future it’s a much simpler project—and we won’t have to open up the walls again.

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