The W Family

At Watt we like to say there’s no job too small. We’ll come out and hang a TV if that’s what you need us to do.

But we’re also fond of saying there’s no job too big.

For a good example you need only look as far as the W family.

We wired their house for electrical (did we mention we have a contractor’s license for lighting and low-voltage?) and audio-video, but a 150-square foot steam room posed a special challenge.

It required a 150-amp generator, but service on the house was only 320 amps.

Working closely with Arizona Public Services, we moved the W’s to an 800-amp service. That meant getting the transformer changed, putting in a new panel, securing the permits, and more.

You might think that’s above and beyond for a company whose primary focus is audio/video and home automation, but at Watt Integration we say it’s part of the job.

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