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Whether you want to update your TV, modify your security system, add lighting control or need your new home pre-wired, we can work within your budget and time constraints. We will gladly meet with you in your home or at our office to define the project and create a timeline to suit your immediate needs as well as long term plans.


It’s a gently tinkling piano while you sip your morning coffee. Or a classic jazz session while you’re hard at work. Or the perfect tunes that follow you from room to room during a get-together with friends.

Whether you’re in a dedicated listening room, your home office, on the patio or in the kitchen, music makes everything great—and Watt Integration makes music better.

Home Theater and Sound

Love movies? What if you could feel the impact of the explosions—or sigh along with the star-crossed lovers—just like you do in the theater? Or how about cheering on your favorite team, watching that nature doc, or even catching up on the news in breathtaking picture quality?

With a high-quality video and audio system from Watt Integration, you’ll quickly discover we have taken care of every detail: from proper screen placement to a natural sound stage to the right amount of ambient light… and you’ll experience ultimate viewing pleasure.

Home Automation

We offer all-in-one automation packages for total control over your home’s temperature, comfort systems (like lighting and window treatments) music and security, and more.

Control everything through your tablet or smart phone, at home or miles away. Imagine—with a single button, the lights dim, the shades lower, and your favorite playlist fades up to the perfect volume. When technology works to its fullest the result is peace of mind and one-touch convenience. That’s Watt Integration.

Intelligent Lighting and Automated Window Treatments

Whether you’re preparing dinner, watching a movie or settling in with a favorite book, intelligent lighting can make even the simplest activities more pleasant. With properly designed lighting that responds to your every whim, the colors in your room have more depth, finishes on the walls become vibrant and textured, and the familiar go from ho-hum to exciting. 

If it’s the sun’s light you want, consider Lutron shading solutions, delivered and installed by Watt Integration. When you can control your window treatments at a touch—or even automatically—shades become energy-saving, functional and magical.

Networks and Wi-Fi

Love streaming music, watching Netflix, or playing games online? Watt Integration can take your internet to the next level by creating a networking system that gives you a strong signal and clean connection anywhere in your home.

Cameras and Security

would you like what’s happening at your home while you’re away? Whether you want to keep an eye on household staff, or you just want the convenience and security of seeing who’s at your front door, you need a CCTV camera system.

There are countless options that let you monitor and record video—not to mention any number of ways to control it all—but Watt Integration has done the research and made things easy for you. And we know how to take what seems complicated and make it simple. Sit down with us, and we’ll assess your needs and make your, ahem, vision a reality.

Luxury Electrical & Wiring

Behind the scenes, structured wiring for your home is the most important part of your installation that you’ll never see. Whether you’re doing a full integration with cameras, alarms, lighting and shades, A/V and home theater—or only one or a few of these—proper wiring is the key to a seamless experience. Watt can give you what you need, both today and for the future.

This is no ordinary electrical work. Our wiring exceeds NFPA 70 standards to ensure your systems get the power they need at the highest quality possible.

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