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Watt Integration takes the time to evaluate and test every product and service before we offer it our clients. There is a plethora of home integration, audio-video and lighting control systems on the market, but Watt Integration’s care in choosing ensures end users of great performance, looks and reliability.

Bang & Olufsen

Since 1925 B&O has prided itself on beautiful and innovative design, expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials. Products now include powered speakers, TVs, portable devices, and unique sound sources which embody the company’s tradition of innovation.


Corradi is an Italian Company which uses the art and science of shading to bring vitality and functionality to outdoor spaces. They’re built with superior standards for construction and design that stand up to the Arizona elements—and stand the test of time.

Golden Ear

When Sandy Gross left Polk and Definitive Technology, he took with him a legacy of incredible speaker design. Now Golden Ear carries on the same tradition of superb sonic performance, elegant styling and exceptional value—even as Golden Ear speakers break new audio ground.


Integra researches, designs and manufactures receivers, amplifiers, sound bars and amplifiers as well as CD and BluRay players. Integra audio-video components break new ground in high-end build quality, high-definition potential, system integration and multi-zone expansion.


Control the amount of light in your room—or the amount of outside light that gets into the room—with accessories from Lutron Electronics. Lights, shades, temperature and appliances all perform to your every whim with Lutron.

Nexus 21

Most lift systems designed to conceal a TV aren’t well made. Even worse, they’re backed by poor warranties and come equipped with little user support. Not Scottsdale’s own Nexus 21—their reputation for incredible products and truly great service is known across the country.

Origin Acoustics

Origin Acoustics has partnered with B&O to produce the most advanced high-performance architectural speaker range in the world. They feature exceptional sound performance—and as you’d expect, they look beautiful.

Pioneer Elite

Take Pioneer’s reputation for great AV products and engineering, then introduce new concepts, higher manufacturing standards, more power, and better digital processing. That’s the magic of Pioneer Elite.


We strongly believe Samsung makes the best TVs in the world. From Full HD to Ultra HD and SUHD, Samsung consistently pushes the limits to make outstanding High Definition video even better than you could imagine.


Sonos is a complete home sound system: a smart network of wireless speakers that fills your home with pure, immersive sound, room by room. Stream great-sounding music and audio (via WiFi, not Bluetooth) in any room you want.



Watt Integration has the pleasure of showing the new 4K OLED TVs from Sony. Sony’s long-term innovative presence and influence in the video world are well-known, and the new Sony 4K OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) panels show Sony is still at the forefront of the field.

OLED TVs outperform every other type of video display, with unprecedented black levels, great viewing angles, accurate color and excellent performance in brightly-lit surroundings. These visual gems are available in 55″, 65″ and 77″ screen sizes to fit almost any viewing area.

An OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display is made using organic thin films between two conductors. When electrical current is applied, a bright light is emitted. Unlike LCDs, which get their light from a white backlight behind light-gating liquid crystals, OLEDs emit light and need no backlight, making them thinner and more efficient than LCD displays. The over eight million OLED pixels are self-illuminating and can be individually activated to make a startlingly lifelike picture. There are several obvious advantages. As the pixels are individually lit they produce more accurate detail, color and shades. As light is emitted from the actual surface of an OLED rather than from a rear light source filtered through a screen of crystals, the OLED provides a brilliant view at any angle. A very important benefit is the ability to produce actual black, which makes colors surrounding black areas more vivid and gives the picture that fall-into-the-screen sense of depth. Other video displays can never turn a spot on the screen to genuine black, as they are always slightly powered up, leaving a constant dark grey or dark blue tint which is added to the actual image. The lack of real black makes the image seem brighter but makes the image flat as well as the drawback of adding grey or blue to the intended colors, obvious in skin tones but always present in the rest of the picture.

To experience Sony OLED’s superb picture, please visit Watt Integration for a demonstration.

Straight Wire

Straight Wire has been producing leading audio/video cables, speaker wire and interconnects for more than three decades—over 75 models in all. That means unparalleled customization. With Straight Wire, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your system.


Universal Remote Control has supplied 100 million remotes in the past decade alone, so you can imagine they’re very, very good at what they do. Ask us about using one of their dependable, reliable products to control almost everything in your home.

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