The C Family

The C’s are wonderful customers and personal friends of the Watts, so when it came time to help with a teardown and rebuild in Paradise Valley, we were all-in.

First on the bill was music in all the main areas of the house, including by the pool. We also installed a TV outside for outdoor viewing.

Like a lot of our customers, Mr. C wanted a “man cave,” but the demands of his room meant we couldn’t go the projector route. He’s no less happy, though, with a 60-inch Pioneer plasma TV that fits the space perfectly… Especially because the TV, Blu-ray player and surround system are all powered by the same universal remote.

Given the chance, we always try to plan a build so it can be expanded down the road, and we did the same here. We installed things like Cat 6 cable for better connectivity to computers, routers, and switches in the future, and conduits in case there’s ever a need for fiber optics.

The C’s may never end up going there, but if they do our Watt design ensures their house will be waiting for them.

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