Mothers Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is almost upon us and we have your mothers day gift guide just in time! Bang & Olufsen provides great style and sound for almost any application and lifestyle, in a wide range of prices. Once you’ve priced those Luis Vuitton or Chanel accessories, get a bigger smile from Mom for less with Bang & Olufsen’s perfect gifts …

Upgrade your home theater TV

Are you ready for a Scottsdale home theater upgrade?

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Here are five reasons why it is finally time for a Scottsdale home theater upgrade: 1. Higher-end model TVs offer new technologies, benefits, and smart applications. 2. 4K, Ultra HD (High Definition) and HDR are proven formats to deliver a high-quality picture. 4. Content is now available to match your new UHD TV (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other select streaming …

buy local

There are Plenty of Great Reasons to BUY LOCAL! Here’s a few!

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Do you really need a reason to buy local? Many things are convenient and sensible to purchase online, like commodity items such as pet food, bulk household supplies and other things which do not need your direct sight or touch to make a buying decision. Making good decisions on many other products and services is best accomplished by directly seeing, …

Flat vs Curved Screens, 1.2

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We’ve addressed this question in a prior chat and are updating to add curved projection screens. The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show featured a number of curved screen panel TVs. This creates a whole new set of questions for consumers.  Major manufacturers Samsung and LG produce curved screens and are strongly promoting them although the majority of their sales remain …


Ethernet slower than wifi? How to Solve this Annoying Problem

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Normally, if you want to get a faster, stronger, and more stable internet connection, you might plug your device straight into the source to use your ethernet connection. However, sometimes this doesn’t help you in the way that you want it to. Instead of it making your connection faster, it could end up being slower than the WiFi connection you …

11 Things Veterans Can Teach Their Children

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According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, about half of all American soldiers have children younger than 18. Being a parent in military service can be an enormous gift for your family. As you learn meaningful life lessons, you can pass them on to your children and grandchildren. This helps you connect with your kids and leave behind a …