Upgrade your home theater TV

Are you ready for a Scottsdale home theater upgrade?

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Here are five reasons why it is finally time for a Scottsdale home theater upgrade: 1. Higher-end model TVs offer new technologies, benefits, and smart applications. 2. 4K, Ultra HD (High Definition) and HDR are proven formats to deliver a high-quality picture. 4. Content is now available to match your new UHD TV (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other select streaming …

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How to set up a home theater

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Ready to set up your new home theater? Let’s see, how complicated can we make it? Five to ten (or more) speakers, amplification for all of them, where to place them, how much seating and where, what to do about lighting, how to choose speakers, what sources to use, what cabling to use……oh. There is more to this than the …

5 Gifts of Premium Sound from Bang & Olufsen

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Gift Giving is all around us and at Watt Integration we are as busy as ever. In this spirit, we bring you our Gift Guide featuring some beautiful gift choices for premium sound from Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay line of products. BeoPlay H3 Earbuds- Enjoy big sound in a small format for a very reasonable $149. These earbuds have a …

What to Look for in a Home Integration Company

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  Are you beginning a new project, adding to or improving your home’s electronics? Where do you start? Now, should you wire every room with CAT5, CAT6, CAT7? Use RG6 coaxial cable or QuadShield? In-wall or free-standing speakers? If you have no questions about any of those terms you are either a very good DIY with years of experience or …

Taking the Mystery Out of Wiring and Cables

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  If you’ve ever hooked up a stereo , surround sound or whole-house system you’ve heard lots of techno-babble. “Thicker wire! Thinner wire! Wire made from macaroni, or is that made by Marconi?”–you name it, there’s a special cable or connection this week that blows away last week’s Last Word. That is, until next week. The days of doorbell wire, …