Upgrade your home theater TV

Are you ready for a Scottsdale home theater upgrade?

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Here are five reasons why it is finally time for a Scottsdale home theater upgrade:

1. Higher-end model TVs offer new technologies, benefits, and smart applications.
2. 4K, Ultra HD (High Definition) and HDR are proven formats to deliver a high-quality picture.
4. Content is now available to match your new UHD TV (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other select streaming services)
5. New OLED panels offer HDR (High Dynamic Range) making color and contrast that outperforms the Plasma generations. That’s right, truer blues, richer greens and deeper shades of black.
5. Affordability. As with anything new, supply and demand set the tone for market value. High-end and larger screen models start at around $1799.00.

We recommend visiting your local integrator showroom to see the variety of selections. If you find yourself in Scottsdale, please stop in for a complimentary home theater consultation.

Happy shopping! The Device Diva.

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