9 Things to Love about Motorized Shades

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At Watt Integration we’ve learned that to master light is to enhance décor, atmosphere, mood, and even the security of your home. Motorized shades are your paintbrush and your home is the canvas.
Motorized window treatments once seen primarily in the office, store and boardroom, have been beautified and upgraded in status and are now an important part of any well-designed home. boardroom
Just a few of the advantages of motorized shades:

1. They offer versatility and an escape from boring monochrome looks. Companies such as Lutron offer a wide selection of custom fabrics and sizes. Design choices are made easier with a Lutron app which you can use to compare materials and color and order swatches online. lutron-swatches

2. Unusual window sizes and shapes are now that much easier to treat, with custom sizes and configurations. Got a round window? A window with an arc, over sized, octagonal? Watt can handle any of them for you.

3. Motorized shades need power, but there’s often no AC power where it’s needed for this purpose. Many Lutron shades can be DC-powered using standard batteries. New motor tech provides three- to five-year battery lifelutron-batteries and some models include a Battery Boost function which uses extra batteries and balanced power draw to extend battery life to six to eight years. Eventual replacement is quick and easy.

4. Windows are not the only beneficiaries of motorized shading: discreetly conceal large front-projection video screens or flat-panel displays with drop down or slide-away curtains for a theater which vanishes when not in use. You can do the same with bar alcoves, nooks or just to add character to drab spaces.

5. The convenience of automated shades is huge. Integrated shading systems can be set to respond to external light, time of day or even your daily schedule’s changes. This eliminates frequent tweaking of HVAC for individual rooms’ daylight warming or nighttime cooling. Managing external light’s effects gives very significant energy savings too. Use external light to add free warmth or minimize it for Arizona’s brilliant summer light to improve your home’s heating and cooling systems and save money. Timer programming and external light sensors make managing light to your advantage easy.

6. The convenience goes beyond raising and lowering shades electronically. Proper design and integration of motorized shading with your home’s systems means simplified control and fewer buttons to push, with the ability to control external light as well as internal light, heating, cooling, security and home entertainment from not only keypad but mobile apps and smart remote controls more-goddam-buttonssuch as those from URC. Minimize tapping, swiping and confusion with simple coordination of internal and external lighting, temperature and ambiance. Come home to an environment ready for relaxation or entertaining, and do it all with a touch.

7. Automated shades improve a home’s security as well. Program shades which move during the day are a burglar deterrent, giving the impression of occupancy. You can set the shades to operate automatically several times a day, increasing that lived-in look that keeps the bad guys away.blackout-shades

8. Home privacy is greatly increased with automated double shade combinations of roman shades with secondary blackout shades. Watt Integration has found the most effective blackouts pass only zero to three per cent of internal light to the exterior, eliminating silhouettes and enhancing privacy.

9. Motorized shading is a wonderful style and décor enhancer too. Painting with motorized light control enhances the beauty of your home, highlighting furnishings, artwork and color. Watt Integration maximizes your color, fabric and control options by working with your designer and decorator to ensure beautiful matches with décor. Intelligent design of area light management with highlighting and dimming improves not only the style but the feel of a home environment.motorized shades

Motorized shades are a great investment, not only for home resale value but for preserving interiors from sun damage and fading as well as saving on heating and cooling costs, while making your home more comfortable and beautiful.
They are available in hundreds of custom styles and fabrics Add versatility, convenience and style to your home with automated shades by Watt Integration.


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*Motorized shading is a great investment, not only for home resale value but for preserving interiors, saving on temperature control and interior lighting expenses. Add versatility, convenience and style to your home by consulting with Watt Integration.