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How to set up a home theater

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Ready to set up your new home theater? Let’s see, how complicated can we make it? Five to ten (or more) speakers, amplification for all of them, where to place them, how much seating and where, what to do about lighting, how to choose speakers, what sources to use, what cabling to use……oh. There is more to this than the …


Is it time to upgrade my speakers?

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You may not have heard of the so-far incurable condition of Audio Nervosa, that nagging feeling that can only be helped by buying a new pair or more of good speakers. Even if you are not subject to this condition, sometimes it really is appropriate to improve your enjoyment of the great sound available from streaming , LPs, BluRay and CDs. …

9 Things to Love about Motorized Shades

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    At Watt Integration we’ve learned that to master light is to enhance d├ęcor, atmosphere, mood, and even the security of your home. Motorized shades are your paintbrush and your home is the canvas. Motorized window treatments once seen primarily in the office, store and boardroom, have been beautified and upgraded in status and are now an important part …