Outdoor Entertaining Series 1

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With beautiful Arizona weather and holidays approaching, we all love to entertain outdoors. Watt Integration has some recommendations for complementing your outdoor space. Our favorite suggestion is adding music to any entertaining environment. We can not think of anything more relaxing than sipping a smooth cabernet and listening to our favorite music. We can mix or separate music, dinner and football with indoor and outdoor systems which can play the same or different programs or music. Are you looking to add music to your great outdoors? How do you choose the right speakers for your outdoor space? Outdoor spaces and speakers come in all shapes and styles. Large covered patios have a variety of entertainment options. Patios don’t just provide diverse entertaining spaces. Their covering offers protection from the elements and allows for many speaker choices.

Quality in-ceiling speakers with the correct quantity and spacing can provide a classic look without taking up wall or tabletop space. Sound quality is important indoors or out. Fine performance can make the difference between enjoying music and tanning the neighbors. Overwhelming lesser quality speakers can make even a Mozart concerto sound distorted and scary. Overdriving any speaker causes normal smooth vibrations to break up . marring the consistency and clarity of the sound it’s producing. Poor quality speakers have an additional disadvantage,with lighter construction and inferior materials.

Don’t let high-performance speakers seem dull by spreading them too thinly. All guests should be given the best seat in the house. When considering quality and quantity of patio speakers pay attention to ceiling height, wall space, area and surroundings. Love the sound of great speakers but want to make them less visible? In-ceiling speakers can be painted to match the patio lid or given a darker color making their stark white appearance blend in.


If your patio has a shared garden space outdoor-rated wall-mounted speakers may be a better answer for you. Wall-mounted speakers should be placed with music and volume projection in mind. Custom grade wall-mounted speakers also allow for bracket pivoting, giving evenly distributed sound to avoid blasting some guests and excluding others.


Sonos Play products provide versatility with tabletop speakers such as the Sonos Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5. All can be moved around your entertaining spaces. Set-up your Sonos Play speakers by the grill or place them by the patio dining table or other outdoor activity areas.

Entertaining in the garden? Don’t sacrifice a well planned environment for mediocre sound and ugly speakers. Subtle and powerful rock speakers provide an unobtrusive back drop for your outdoor pleasure and blend in with your landscaping.


Fear no cannon-ball or belly flop! For poolside or spa use Watt Integration suggests rugged, powerful outdoor-rated speakers. These speakers are weather-tolerant, durable and designed to give full sound in open spaces such as your pool, spa, deck and other areas. Enjoy your music without worrying over splashing your expensive speakers or sacrificing the great sound of your favorite tunes.

We’ve gotten started with some suggestions on the sound side of outdoor entertaining, with ideas for relaxing alone or with company, tailoring areas and media to please everyone, choosing and placing the right speakers and providing great sound without spoiling your decor. Here are some topics for our next letter:

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