Is it time to upgrade my speakers?

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You may not have heard of the so-far incurable condition of Audio Nervosa, that nagging feeling that can only be helped by buying a new pair or more of good speakers.

Even if you are not subject to this condition, sometimes it really is appropriate to improve your enjoyment of the great sound available from streaming , LPs, BluRay and CDs.



But how can we tell it’s time to change? If your older speakers still sound good to you but you are curious, try visiting a good home entertainment retailer. It is hard to tell the differences between speakers online  (much as restaurant reviews are no substitute for actual dining) to hear the latest and get some advice.


Spend a little time listening to new speaker choices with some music or videos you are familiar with, then go home and do the same music on your system. It is important to listen not only to those flashy demonstration pieces but also to things you have heard many times and are familiar with. Listen especially to voices, as we hear voice every day and know what it sounds like. Take time, relax and listen. If you feel disappointed, it may be time to improve your listening experience.



You may also consider a change if you have changed your listening environment to a larger or smaller room or rooms. The listening room is the largest component in any sound system. Speakers and rooms interact, and a room change can dramatically change how much you enjoy your sound. Speakers too small for the room they’re in can sound thin or weak, with less bass capability and a less believable presentation. If your old behemoth speakers are now in a small condo’s den they may be potentially wonderful but will not sound very good if they are too large for the space. Overdriving a space makes the bass muddy, the illusion of the music being real is reduced to a jumble of reflections and the result is not what you have come to love. All that can be improved by going to a smaller speaker system more suited to your new listening space, possibly helped by a good subwoofer. This does not mean you are losing ground just for size considerations, as speaker tech has probably improved since you bought those beloved old monsters. How about thinking in terms of smaller size but higher quality? You could be in for a very pleasant surprise as well as a reduction in cost.


Perhaps your tastes have changed since those head-banging rock and roll days and the sheer volume and booming bass are not as attractive to you as they were years ago. Listen to some of the high-quality mid-size models at your new listening levels and see if the higher accuracy now available appeals to you. A good dealer can assess your needs and help you choose speakers to suit your new surroundings or tastes.


If you are concerned about hookup or installation, remember that many current speakers can be used wirelessly or wired. You may not have to change anything but the speakers or you may opt for the convenience of wireless–now it’s your choice.



Almost immediate. Enjoy the great new sounds!


To hear some of the best sound available and get expert advice on how to choose as well as how to implement your new speakers, contact or visit Watt Integration for advice, demonstration, complimentary home consultation, and system design as well as expert installation.