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The super sound quality and convenience of Sonos music systems just got even easier to use. Sonos is the wireless home sound system that fills as many rooms as you want with great-sounding music, movies and TV. One of several digital music services you can enjoy with Sonos is Spotify, with 30 million songs instantly available and more coming every day. Play your favorites, check out new releases or use Spotify’s ready-made playlists, selected by music fans and experts so you can match any mood or surrounding. Discover a whole new world of listening options like Daily Mix, Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists – each created just for you.


Now you can enjoy all the personalized Spotify playlists and other listening features you love and more — without ever opening your Sonos app. On your smart phone or tablet, You can go directly to Spotify and use its app to select your music, access your Sonos system and then sit back and smile. Control rooms and volume, too, because Spotify can now operate your Sonos system without needing to open the Sonos app. Instant mastery of your sound environment directly from your phone or tablet makes getting to the music you love and having it anywhere in the house you want even easier.


Send whatever you’re playing on Spotify to any Sonos speakers in the house. Group all your rooms together, house party style, crank up the volume in every room at once, or just groove in one room. You can share your music more easily too. Friends who don’t have the Sonos app can send their favorite songs and playlists to your Sonos speakers right from their Spotify app. Enjoy your music, your way.


You’ll still use your Sonos app for adding new speakers, setting musical alarms and such. And yes, it’s still a great way to manage and play music. If you really love how the Spotify app works, you can now use it to send your favorite songs and playlists directly to any Sonos speaker in your home.