Watt Integration is now the authorized retail and install partner for Bang & Olufsen in Arizona.


Bang & Olufsen was founded in Denmark in 1925 by Peter Bang & Svend Olufsen.  Their first product was the first radio to use alternating current instead of wet-cell batteries, and the company has never stopped innovating.  From the start B&O has prided itself on beautiful and innovative design, expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials.

In March 1978 Bang & Olufsen  Jensen opened a special exhibit at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, only the third time in the museum’s history that a company’s products were given their very own exhibition. Today, fifteen Bang & Olufsen products are part of its permanent design collections.

For some years Watt Integration has performed expert and design-oriented installations of Bang & Olufsen products and now also carries B&O as a service to Watt clients.  These products include powered speakers, TVs with built-in brains for surround and home use, portable devices which sync perfectly with a mobile lifestyle, and unique sound sources which embody B&O’s tradition of innovation.

People on the move want entertainment too, and the BeoPlay series provides it with style. The BeoLit 15 provides a surprising 240 watts peak power and quality in a 5 lb. lunchbox-size package with great looks. The BeoLit’s great sound can come from mobile devices, laptops or tablets and it can play for up to 24 hours on one charge.

If you’re moving a little faster but want great sound while you travel, try the BeoPlay A2, a 2.2 pound powerhouse portable with one-point 360 degree sound and 180W peak power.  The A2 features Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless streaming, Spotify or Deezer, and has an MP3 input for your personal player.

The A2’s largest dimension is just over 14”, and it has either a short or over-the-shoulder real leather carrying strap. For durability and looks the A2’s core is extruded aluminum. You may love its sound so much you run past its 24-hour max play time, but the A2 can be run on external power and recharges quickly.

Portability, size and style come from B&O in a number of ways.  See and hear B&O headphones at Watt Integration, from the tiny H3 to the upgraded classic Earset 3, the full-size H8 and more, you can have great sound wherever you want it, wired and wireless.

For room-filling music in a beautiful space-saving package, try the BeoPlay A9, a one-point stereo system with power to spare and looks to boot.  The A9 can play wired or wireless, supporting both Airplay and DLNA devices, with a built-in Spotify as well. With separate built-in amplifiers for each internal speaker the A9 provides a hefty 480 Watts of power to match almost any room without wasting space. The A9 can be wall- or floor-mounted for added flexibility.

Great music reproduction needs great music.  Your music is right at your fingertips with the BeoSound Moment, an intelligent wireless music system that integrates your music and streaming services into one. Moment can gather, curate, display and play music from iTunes playlists on your computer and mobile devices but that’s not all.  Listen to internet radio’s 100,000 stations on TuneIn or access Deezer’s music streaming service of 35 million tracks.

Moment features the world’s first touch-sensitive wood interface, with twelve sensors embedded for feather-touch control of volume and track change.  Invert the wood interface for a full-function touch screen.  Moment even analyzes listening patterns and tailors your music environment to your taste.

B&O has made fine televisions since 1950 and has continued their use of groundbreaking tech, premium materials and craftsmanship with the BeoVision Avant.  Every Bang & Olufsen TV has the advantage of an optional  built-in center speaker and an intelligent surround receiver, calibrated and fine-tuned for use with B&O’s entire range of speakers so you can decide on any extra additions based solely on your taste.  All this means less cable mess and box clutter, with high versatility and  improved performance. Design has kept up with technology, making the Avant enhance the looks of any home’s design.

The sleek exterior conceals a groundbreaking, fully integrated sound system. Whether you are listening to integrated music services such as Spotify or Deezer, or accessing internet radio stations, you can now enjoy all your favorite tunes in one place – a liberating solution with typical Bang & Olufsen acoustic performance.

Placement and Mounting Options

Not all viewing is done in the same lighting or from the same position.  BeoVision adapts to your viewing conditions with sensors in front and behind the panel, changing not only brightness but contrast and color values in a large and subtly varying range to give you perfect picture quality whenever you watch. Placement flexibility is important to your room’s décor and your viewing habits so there are several placement and mounting options.

The Avant’s motorized floor stand gives it incredible flexibility, allowing it to gracefully pivot up to 90 degrees from the wall in order to reach its optimal viewing angle.

The table stand slightly tilts the screen back, making it appear to float above the table and hiding the stand from sight. When powered up it comes to life by lifting to an upright position, allowing the speakers below the screen to unfold.

BeoVision Avant mounts elegantly on the wall and, despite its size, pivots smoothly and quietly from its starting position. The 55” has a pivoting range of up to 60 degrees from the wall, and the larger 75” and 85” versions pivot as much as 19 degrees wall position.

Fine speaker sound, materials and design have always been part of the B&O portfolio.

Speakers range from from the compact but room-filling BeoLab 17 to the beautiful wood and aluminum BeoLab 18 and the spectacular new BeoLab 90. Print descriptions can not do justice to these, so visit Watt Integration to see and hear for yourself that beauty and great sound can blend into new magic for your home environment.

Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers are self-powered, which makes them easy to run wirelessly with all B&O sources and most other manufacturers’ equipment as well. Proprietary Class D Ice amplifiers provide cool-running and compact muscle for even the most demanding music.

BeoLab 90 Speakers

The spectacular performance of the BeoLab 90 speakers are the result of twelve years of intensive design and research, with 18 drivers, each with its own amplifier and a total of 8,200 watts of musical magic.

“Stereophile” writer Robert Deutsch rated the BeoLab 90 the best speaker of the 2016 Consumer Electronics show:
“ This time, I had no trouble answering this question: the BeoLab 90. The sound was utterly natural, effortless, with outstanding soundstage and imaging.”

We agree.  The BL90s are breathtaking.  So much for prose.  To hear the poetry please visit Watt Integration to experience not only the BeoLab 90s but all the other magic Bang & Olufsen has ready for your home.