Vienna Has Come To Scottsdale

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 Watt Integration Welcomes Great Sound VIENNA ACOUSTICS & PRIMARE ELECTRONICS to Scottsdale!

scottsdale silverspeakers
Watt Integration has added something new for our clients.  We would like to invite you to experience for yourself the beautiful craftsmanship and sensational sound. Please visit our showroom, 7430 East Butherus Drive Suite C, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 for a private audition.

scottsdale woodspeakersAs any visitor to Vienna knows, the stakes for a Vienna-based company which lays claim to hallowed names like Mahler and Liszt are very high. Vienna Acoustics speakers’ Austrian handcrafted construction and musicality make them worthy of their namesakes.

The pinnacle of Vienna Acoustics’ Imperial Series, the LISZT is an ingenious three-way loudspeaker system which uses an all-new version of the patented Flat-Spider-Cone™ coincident driver technology first seen in the flagship Klimt Series™. This driver is set in a separate rotating vented enclosure, supported by a sophisticated bass cabinet featuring three patented Spider-Cone woofers.

Each speaker is hand-built in Austria to very high standards and matches the reference within .3 dB. This powerful combination of ingenuity and technology provides a wide and deep sound stage, seamless sonic purity and natural deep extended bass. In addition to purity of sound and a convenient small footprint the LISZT’s sleek fit and finish are available in true Piano Black and Piano White, as well as in sustainably-sourced Cherry and Premium Rosewood veneer finishes. The result: simplicity and beauty.


Primare has been making fine music since the 1980s and their simple philosophy makes sense: “Real sophistication resides in the power of a functional, reliable design that looks and feels good and that performs really well.” This Scandinavian maker of quality electronics features natural sound, the highest-quality build standards and modular construction, which in a constantly changing world gives owners many years to enjoy their aesthetics and performance.

receiverThe I32 is an upgradable two x 120-watt integrated amplifier which utilizes proprietary UFPD power technology. It is designed to provide high power output with very low distortion and system control for Primare’s 30 series range of hi-fi separates. UFPD’s instantaneous rise time results in a naturally fast, clean and agile sound over a very broad frequency range and with exceptional headroom. Ecologically the I32 is far superior to conventional Class A/B designs, being extremely efficient without generating excessive heat. In addition it provides a special eco-friendly standby mode of just 0.2 W. In 2014 The I32 received the coveted Editors’ Choice Award from Absolute Sound. Visit our showrooms in Scottsdale today!


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