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BeoVision Eclipse – Experience a TOTAL ECLIPSE!

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The BeoVision Eclipse is much more than a TV: it is an immersive experience!

While screens have become thinner and thinner, we still have needed other things to make them function. B&O’s new Eclipse has cleared much of the external clutter TVs have needed to function as we like. The Eclipse has built-in Netflix and Amazon as well as audio streaming technologies such as Deezer, Spotify Connect, QPlay, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Chromecast. It includes a metal (not sound-robbing plastic)-chassis speaker with six drivers. to use as either a single 2 or 3-point sound system and six internal amplifiers for a total of 450 watts of power.

Bang & Olufsen has made system-building easier by including wireless transmission to speakers, and upgrading sound is convenient too: the sound center’s internal speaker system can be used as a top-flight center far superior to any sound bar for your surround system. A couple of strokes on your remote, and due to its array of three bi-amplified two-way speakers you’re already great-sounding internal stereo sound system becomes either the front three channels for your surround system or a dynamite center speaker. You do not need to buy a different center if you want to improve your sound, even one step at a time.

The Eclipse’s sound center includes an internal processor, preamp and switching system which takes the place of outboard boxes and yards of cables to connect them. This integrated concept also makes viewing easier, with only one remote for all functions. A complete surround system consists of an Eclipse, left and right front speakers and rear speakers, all of which can be connected with or without wires. Nothing else. Streaming sound to additional rooms, adding extra main speakers or subwoofers and links to other smart devices in your home involve just a few initial remote commands.

The BeoVision Eclipse’s display uses the best video tech available: 4K OLED, which reproduces more colors than any other display technology, including true blacks, which only OLED displays can reproduce. This gives images that sense of depth as well as much more subtle and accurate color reproduction. The pixels which make up the image in LEDs and LCDs can not be turned completely off, the only way of producing actual black, which gives pictures a sense of immersion and depth.


If you’re design-conscious, the Eclipse will oblige you with grilles in five colors of fabric, machined natural, anodized brass, black aluminum and the newest trend bronze tone. Hardwood grilles are available in oak as well as smoked oak. The Sound Center chassis itself is available in piano black, aluminum or brass-anodized or bronze aluminum, and the beautiful new bronze finish gives you even more opportunity to personalize your system to your decor. There is even a motorized brass, bronze or aluminum floor stand or hidden wall mount, controllable with the included and very smart BeoRemote 1, available in shiny variety colored aluminums or silk finish. A touch on the remote powers up the system and turns the screen to whatever angle you have set. Power off and the system swivels back to resting position.

To learn more and see for yourself the magic a BeoVision Eclipse produces, visit our Scottsdale Bang & Olufsen/Watt Integration showrooms in Scottsdale, Arizona.