Super bowl, super deals?

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Super Bowl, Super Deals?

I had an out of town friend call me last week to ask if a Sony OLED deal he found on-line was worth it.  While I looked for any red flags or significant advantages on Samsung vs Sony TV panels for him, I became concerned about all the Super Deals out there. I thought as an Authorized Dealer for LG, Samsung, Sony and Bang and Olufsen, I would share some advice and recommendations. Hope this information helps. 

Bang and Olufsen UHD 4K OLED Eclipse

When buying from a social media or on-line garage sale site for a used TV panel, it is a good idea to compare the asking price with that of a new model. You may be saving $200 or you may not:  prices on even the best panels have consistently gotten lower for several years. It is important to remember that the bargain used panel comes with no guarantee or warranty. Additionally, it is important to ensure the TV panel works. Verify the exact model number  so you can compare the model you are looking at to others on an apples-to-apples basis. Prior to purchase, plug it in, make sure it powers up, with no red or white flashing lights, use a source like a Blu-ray player to see the picture quality and use a movie which has actual people in it so you can check for skin tones.  Who knows what color a Transformer really is?  Remember to make sure that  a remote control is included or at least available. If everything is in working order try your best to collect the power cord, and if possible the original receipt and any warranty cards they may have.  

Big box companies often have “house brands”, which are similar but not identical to the versions you would see at a real video specialist. Make sure you compare both models. Often the pixel count, contrast ratio and other useful numbers on the “house brand” model are different and you may lose picture quality or color accuracy. Additionally, do a little research before purchasing from a big box. Inquire about their warranty and return policies before you purchase. A little hint:  the big box where you can buy your steak, towels and TV usually has an easier return/exchange policy if somewhat less knowledgeable sales staff.

My best recommendation is always to shop local. Your local integration company can generally provide all the warranties and ease of purchase that any other large business offers. The bonus to shopping locally is that you will receive knowledge and experience from a professional that is in the TV panel business, not a teenager with a part time job. This means accurate advice about appropriate TV sizes for your space, quality of panel for your use and an option for licensed, bonded and insured installation. Working with a small business professional will also help you build a relationship that puts you first.  All authorized dealers have the same price structure and sell at a fair price set by the manufacturer.  If you are looking for a deal your local Integrator may have demo TV panels available with a warranty.

I hope this helps with your OLED, HDTV, 4K or tube TV purchase. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call 480-515-9288.  Even better:  drop in and see what we can show you in high-quality video equipment and advice.

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