Summer Savings Series One

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Watt Integration would like to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Independence Day!


Summer is officially here in the Valley of the Sun! Watt Integration has an HVAC energy savings solution that is intelligent and easy to use.


Most of us do not the take time to program our thermostats – it’s just too complicated. Nest has made it simple. After installation the Nest Learning Thermostat can program itself and can be controlled and monitored from your phone. Once it’s on your wall, it automatically activates the best features for your system and starts learning about you and your home.


nestJust turn it up and turn it down. The Nest Thermostat learns what temperatures you like and builds a personalized schedule. Teach it efficient temperatures for a few days and within a week it will start setting them on its own.

The Nest Learning Thermostat was made for the 90% of us who rarely or never program our thermostats. Instead of needing to be programmed, Nest learns from you how to save energy. Have it properly installed in your home and Nest will remember to save energy, even if you forget. Just follow these tips to maximize your savings.

Set your “Away” temperature thoughtfully. Nest’s Auto-Away and manual Away mode will turn off your system until your home reaches a maximum temperature that you choose during setup. The higher your Away temperature is, the more you’ll save. Just keep in mind the needs of petsand plants before you set it too high.

Manage nighttime temperatures. You’re just using light covers in Arizona summer heat, so turn the temperature up a bit to save energy while you sleep. After a couple of nights Nest will learn this habit and start doing it for you.

Remember that turning the temperature down all the way doesn’t cool your home faster. Cranking the thermostat to 60° doesn’t make the air come out of the vent any colder, it just runs your AC longer. Use Nest’s Time to Temperature to get a sense of how high or low to set your temp. You may not know if you want it to be 74° or 78°, but it’s easy to see the difference between running the AC for 15 minutes versus an hour.

Watch for the Leaf and check your Energy History. The Nest Leaf appears when you turn Nest to a temperature that saves you energy. The more often you see a Leaf, the more you save. Nest tracks your energy use over time in Energy History, so you can see how much you save.

nestinuseUse multiple thermostats independently. Say you have one thermostat in the bedroom and another in the kitchen. You spend most of Sunday making pancakes with the kids, so turn the AC up in the kitchen and down in the bedroom and close your interior doors. You’ll save energy in one part of your home while the area where you are stays cozy. Save even more by making sure all your thermostats are in the same mode-either heating or cooling-so they don’t waste energy fighting with each other. You don’t need to run around the house adjusting multiple thermostats-control them all from your smartphone with the Nest Mobile app.

Turn Nest to Away when you leave on vacation. Set Nest to Away manually to maximize your savings when you’re on vacation. While Auto-Away will automatically turn down the temperature while you’re gone, if it senses activity, like a friend coming over to water the plants, Nest could start warming up the house. Setting Nest to Away manually keeps your home the same temperature till you wake Nest up with the Nest Mobile app or by pressing the ring.

Following these tips will help lower your energy use, and with many weeks of 100-degree-plus temperatures we’re going to need all the help we can get. Unfortunately, while Nest can maximize your savings, it can’t control the weather.


Nest Sense

The Nest Thermostat personalizes its features for you. After it learns about you and your home, Nest Sense™ automatically balances comfort and energy savings.


The Nest Thermostat programs itself in about a week. It creates a personalized schedule based on the temperatures you’ve set and continually adapts to your changing life.


After you leave the house, the Nest Thermostat senses you’re gone and automatically adjusts the temperature. This means you don’t waste energy cooling or heating an empty home.

Safety Temperature Alerts

Get an alert on your phone if your home is too hot or too cold, so you’ll know if your pipes could freeze or a pet could overheat.

Nest Leaf

The Leaf appears when you turn the Nest Thermostat to a temperature that’s energy efficient. It guides you in the right direction.


The Nest Thermostat learns how long it takes your home to heat up and cool down and shows you how long it will take to reach the temperature you want.


Save on your cooling bills this summer. Airwave automatically runs the AC less when humidity in your home isn’t too high, while ensuring you stay cool.


If the Nest Thermostat heats up in direct sunlight, it automatically adjusts to read and set the right temperature.

Cool to Dry

If you’re in a hot, humid climate, Cool to Dry can help keep your home dry, without needing a dehumidifier.


WATT INTEGRATION is proud to carry and install Nest Thermostats.  For more information please contact us at or 480-515-9288.

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