Summer Savings Series 2

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Summer savings is officially here in the Valley of the Sun!

Watt Integration has energy summer savings solutions that are stylish, intelligent, and easy to use.



Now is the time when we all get our “Arizona Resident” credentials, as it’s the height of summer. You can make summer in the Valley less of an ordeal and more beautiful with custom window treatments and controls.

Lutron’s Sivoia QS honeycomb shades are a stylish and convenient way to beat the heat. Honeycomb shades add dimension to a space thanks to their cellular design, and their air pockets trap heat to provide superior insulation. Shades are raised and lowered smoothly and simultaneously to adjust the light levels in your space.

Large two-inch cells and a variety of colors and textures give a luxurious look to this shade style. With sheer, translucent, and room-darkening opacities, there is a fabric to complement any décor, in addition to variable light filtering and a wide fabric selection.

Now for the fun part: these shades are available in either wired or wireless systems.   This is especially useful for conveniently managing exterior light and heat in multiple rooms.  With handheld remotes or a wall-mount control you can adjust these shades from anywhere in the room, as well as setting multiple shades in motion with a single button press. This is a big help for those with clerestory windows or that hard-to-reach window over the stairwell.

System Capacities

The innovative Sivoia QS Wireless shading system is beautiful, scalable, and reliable. You will not be limited solely to honeycomb shades, as this system can be used to control the entire family of Lutron automated window treatments, including roller shades, Venetian blinds, traditional drapery tracks, Kirbé® Vertical Drapery System, tensioned shades, horizontal sheer blinds, pleated shades, fashion honeycomb shades and Roman shades with CERUS® uptake system. Since the controls are wireless this shading system is a perfect solution for retrofit and renovation as there is no communication wiring between components.

shadecontrolThe remote control commands can also be taught to a third-party “smart” remote or touch screen–a plus for movie fanatics who demand darkened rooms and don’t want to put down their system’s remote control.  The quiet action of the shades won’t disrupt the movie, either.  

Another plus is integration of your shades with Lutron automated lighting, all remotely. The cord-free operation also improves home safety for homes with kids or pets, leaving no dangling loose cords which can entangle small children or pets.

Battery power may seem a little impractical until you look at power consumption and new battery technologies.  These shades’ drive systems get up to three years’ battery life due to efficient standby power (about a thousandth of that used by standard wired shades) and a hybrid drive design which stores energy and re-uses it to supplement battery power.  

Still sound expensive?  They use standard, store-bought batteries, and they’re quite easy to replace when the time comes.  A tap on the release buttons tilts the headrail forward, revealing the battery compartment.  Just snap the headrail back when you’re done.

The advantages of Lutron honeycomb shades:

  • Available in wired or wireless
  • Convenience
  • Easy Integration
  • Decor Enhancement
  • Energy Savings
  • Quiet Operation
  • Reliability

Lutron prides themselves on their quality control–not just a few pieces, but each and every Lutron product is tested before it is shipped, which has made Lutron the leader since 2000. Come in today and visit our showrooms!

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