Villa Retreat


This project is an excellent example of what can come to life when you hire the right talented professionals and let them collaborate on a home. Set in the glorious high Sonoran desert, this beautiful home is the brainchild of Turner Martin Interior Design and Watt Integration. Drawing on inspiration from around the globe, design team David Turner and John Martin use natural elements to create environments that are both organic and urbane.

When it came time to design the entertainment portion of the project they turned to Watt Integration to implement their designs. It’s very difficult to add screens and speakers large enough to give you a great experience, yet introduce them into a room in such a way that they don’t overpower it. Watt Integration used their system design and integration experience to give the homeowners the seamless experience they were looking for. Turner Martin designed elegant cabinetry that Watt Integration used to house the custom-designed audio and video systems. The end result demonstrates that you can incorporate beautiful furnishings with the latest technology for a truly integrated A/V experience.