Shading is about more than just keeping cool and saving energy. In sun-rich Arizona managing light and shadow for comfortable outdoor living is a necessity but necessities can be beautiful.
Corradi is an Italian Company which uses the art and science of shading to bring vitality and functionality to outdoor spaces. coradi-1

Corradi’s new shading line provides a variety of sophisticated shading options to inspire and enhance any outdoor setting. from the sleek and subtle casing of the Shan Awning to the outspoken nautical elegance of the defense Shade Sail, Corradi Shading Systems are a marriage of function and beauty in outdoor living and shading design.

Creating a Corradi outdoor Living Space is easy with Watt Integration’s trained design and installation professionals. The American manufacturing branch, Corradi USA, is based in Dallas, meaning advice, products and response to client needs are nearby. Whether you are enhancing the operational charm of the outdoor comforts of home or expanding the atmosphere of a commercial establishment, Corradi has the creative solution to your outdoor dream space.coradi-2

The Shan Retractable Arm Casing, winner of the Red Dot Design award, works smoothly and perfectly to shade beautifully and effectively without compromising aesthetic lines.

Corradi’s Svet Retractable Arm Open Roll Awning’s extreme design and aluminum profile make it perfect for more modern applications.
Svet’s sophisticated design and modern technology offer unparalleled performance and unique features currently not found on any other system of its kind.
Its new arm support in extruded aluminium, SVeT can reach a 23′ (276″) width by 13’8″ (164″) projection, enabling it to shade wide surfaces. It isideal for bars, restaurants and resorts.

coradi-3The eVo is an elecoradi-4gant open roll awning. The eVo arm bracket is a combination die-cast/extrusionfor strength while providing maximum ease for pitch adjustment and installation. Thanks to the strength and the design of the arm bracket, eVo is the only awning in the market that can safely go to a 13′ 6″ (162″) projection still using a standard 40 x 40 mm square support bar.

The Horizon is perfect for controlling Arizona’s harsh U.V. rays. It is a tensioned-cord, spring-loaded design that covers large areas with no center cord, supports, etc.
The horizon system is designed for interior and exterior skylight shading, as well as mounting to existing structures for patio areas. it can also be used for larger bottom-up applications. it is capable of up to 195 square feet of coverage per individual unit.

coradi-5Many other Corradi shading solutions are available, and all feature easy operation, either by remote control or wireless wall switch. When shading systems are motorized, they are actually used more often because they are so easy to operate. Sensors to provide for optimum shade can be added to automatically adapt the shading system to changes in sunlight.

Corradi’s Tempotest® fabrics work well in any outdoor space, giving protection from UV rays as well as adding color and elegance. Tempotest® is the leading acrylic awning fabric collection with a comprehensive assortment of color options for screens and awnings to fit any life style. outdoor living space.Tempotest® fabrics are water- and oil-repellent, resist mold, stains, salt and U.V. fading.


Corradi works with Tropical J to create something amazing…

1109bWe are honored to share the news about the Award of Excellence that has been presented to Tropical J by the IFAI International Achievement Awards for a custom project that has never been accomplished before. Designed, developed, tested and manufactured at Corradi USA, using exclusive internal resources, creativity, knowledge, and unique talents harmonized with the equal capabilities, skills and common philosophy of the crew at Tropical J, this is something we were able to materialize against all odds with incredible results.

Our congratulations and heartfelt thanks again to Gary and the entire Tropical J’s crew who worked at our side as the other key player in this wonderful win.

Today it truly is a great day to be part of the Corradi USA Team.

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