Watt Integration Bang and Olufsen

bronzeBang & Olufsen is offering an exclusive collection of color-coordinated products called “The Cool Modern Collection” in the new bronze brass-tone aluminum color. There will be two new fabric colors as well, the deep dark blue “Parisian Night” and “Purple Heart”. Both fabrics match and complement the warm brass-tone aluminum. Both are reminiscent of and tributes to the Art Deco style of the 20s and 30s, with a fusing of technology, product design and decorative art, with a modern approach emphasizing geometric shapes, metals and craftsmanship,with rich colors and materials. This approach matches perfectly with Bang & Olufsen’s looks and feel–elegance, technology and beautiful materials.

With the Cool Modern Collection the Danish minimalist approach combines with warm and lively southern European colors for elegance  with contemporary luxury and elegance. Technology often ignores the taste of users, and the combination of plastic, metal and lights hardly feels as if it’s to be used in home environments. Warmer and richer colors in both fabric and metal do add personality and the feel that décor has been intentional, adding the feel of a colorful modern environment. The geometric bronze Art Deco designs of the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center ensured Art Deco’s place as the most fashionable international design movement in modern art from 1925 until the 1940s.


Like the earlier Arts and Crafts Movement, the curvilinear designs of Art Nouveau, and the German Bauhaus designs, Art Deco embraced all types of art, including crafts as well as fine arts. It was applied to decorative art like interior design, furniture, jewelry, textiles, fashion and industrial design, as well as to the applied art of architecture and the visual arts of painting, and graphics. Deco was a design style that was elegant, glamorous and functional. New style materials such as bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, lacquer and inlaid wood were a perfect match for Deco’s esthetic.

Bang and Olufsen has taken these now-classic materials and design thinking and applied them to their Cool Modern Collection. Taste, luxury and elegance never go out of style, and B&O’s use of bronze color for the visible metal chassis parts has made a clear statement of that.